Reminder for the next 18 years: The day before Christmas break is CRAZY!

Emma at her Christmas Program at school. They sang a few songs and went back to class for birthday cake, for Jesus of course.

Kids around the table eating said birthday cake and ice cream.

Avery and I. She was sleeping but a class full of four years old wakes even the heaviest of sleepers.

Emma in her fancy dress from Nana and Papa. Better watch out, Nana and Papa, she may be "scared" of every movie if the result is a fabulous new dress.

For the last day of school, Sadie's class went to see The Nutcracker.   The ballet moves are still being performed today.

Daddy and the girls.


Debi said…
Nice party outfits all of the girls are wearing! :) Nana
Anonymous said…
Yup, typical middle of December in San Diego!! Lucky Dad-Three pretty girls in party dresses by the marina. Papa

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