A good week for quotes

"Mama, you know what? One time, a long, long time ago. I think some time in the eighties.."
I start laughing.
"What?! Really! "
" Ok." I say.
" Snakes... had legs!"

Emma needs to bring in something that starts with A on Monday for sharing.
"Can you bring an alligator?" I ask.
"No", says Emma.
"Why?", asked Nathan.
"Because it won't fit in my backpack."


Sadie at dinner unrolls a tiny scroll shaped piece of tortilla. "This is the Declaration of Independence.  It says that everyone through the land should be able to eat tortillas.  And if someone does not let anyone eat tortillas, then I will tear this up and write a new Declaration of Independence that is more clear so everyone knows they can eat tortillas."


Anonymous said…
You have some creative cookies on your hands!
Anonymous said…
WOW!!!!!!!!! Papa
Emma could take Avery to share but she would most likely not enjoy being zipped into Emma's backpack!

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