Zoo on a whim with Emma

Sometimes I am nice. For instance, yesterday.  Emma asked for the millionth time to go to the zoo, so I said let's go.  She was a bit in shock and then hustled to get her shoes on. I threw all the necessaries in a bag and out the door we went. The plan was to go for about an hour and a half.  We would look at the giraffes and elephants and have an ice cream cone.

The elephants have moved to the far end of the zoo, so we saved them for our next visit.  We checked out the reptiles in the Snake House. The python was up and looking for kids something to eat.  


We went in the children's zoo,  Emma pet goats while I fed Avery.

          Next was ice cream for lunch, and visit the giraffes.

While visiting the giraffes, we found the rhinos having a spa treatment. They were being brushed all over with big scrub brushes. Rough life. (Then again, if you have to live out your days in a cage, you deserve special treatment.)

It was a fun day.  Being with Emma was really good. The drama was exceptionally low. (We will just ignore the "getting to the car" part.)


I always loved zoo days with you & Sonja! Remember rainy days when it was just us and the animals?

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