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Warm evening out back



A view of the field

Field events- obstacle course. Tossing a pig in the air. Odd.

Getting tagged. Everyone gets a wrist tag to keep track of laps.

Getting stretched and ready to run.

On your mark.

Get set. Sadie's teacher, Mr Green in background.

Cutest brunette on the playground.

Photogenic even on lap twenty something.

Walking a bit. Sadie told me after that about lap eight her feet just started burning and they did not stop until she was done, twenty three laps later!  This year was my first prep for cross country, track and marathons to come.  She finished and totally went into shock afterward. We were both glad I was there with her. She did great and started feeling better finally after a post race Rubio's run.  These are the days that put you in awe of someone you have had a small hand in shaping because the things they are capable of repeatedly amaze you and humble you at the same time.  She was out sick for the week and a half before the race, was on antibiotics to heal an ear…

Emma's Idea of a Super Highway


Kids these days...


Unfortunate Weather (or Why We Live Here)

Fortunately, here in CA they have not passed a law making it illegal to ride your bike AND use a camera.  Maybe next election?

From the Archives-Five years ago today

Looking back at this is amazing.  Seeing our oldest, little again, without any sisters in the house yet.  And the snow, still a bit new to us.


Here is Miss Sadie throwing snowballs at me and the camera. I think it is her favorite outdoor activity these days. When Grandma visited they threw about a hundred snow balls down the hill and she has not stopped talking about it since. She says, "Grandma and Great Grandma Benson come over and we go out and throw snowballs?!". She says it as if that is what is on the agenda for the day, every morning! See below.

Avery says," Thank you Auntie Sonja"




At dinner...

It was a girl's dinner night. Nothing fancy. We made banana muffins, eggs, hash browns and fruit salad. During dinner the conversation came around to Halloween costumes, after Emma mentioned it was her favorite day.  I joked about all the reasons it might have been her favorite, avoiding the obvious. But when I got to costumes, she said yes.
So around the table we went, thinking of different ideas that would fit the whole family.  After a few rounds, Emma exclaims,"I know, we can be breakfast, lunch and dinner!"
Sadie and I laughed a bunch. Emma sort of sunk back down.
A few minutes later, she says,"I want to be something no one will laugh at."
Poor girl.
I got one who will turn any situation into a one woman show and one who will avoid being the center of attention at all costs.