A view of the field

Field events- obstacle course. Tossing a pig in the air. Odd.


Getting tagged. Everyone gets a wrist tag to keep track of laps.

Getting stretched and ready to run.

On your mark.

Get set. Sadie's teacher, Mr Green in background.

Cutest brunette on the playground.

Photogenic even on lap twenty something.

Walking a bit. Sadie told me after that about lap eight her feet just started burning and they did not stop until she was done, twenty three laps later!  This year was my first prep for cross country, track and marathons to come.  She finished and totally went into shock afterward. We were both glad I was there with her. She did great and started feeling better finally after a post race Rubio's run.  These are the days that put you in awe of someone you have had a small hand in shaping because the things they are capable of repeatedly amaze you and humble you at the same time.  She was out sick for the week and a half before the race, was on antibiotics to heal an ear infection and prevent possibility of pneumonia. We have not been to running club much this year and she did it again. She got the highest lap count for girls K-2.  She is one determined girl. One amazing, determined, strong-willed, intelligent, friendly, happy, life-embracing girl that some how I am blessed to mother.


Chilling out in the classroom, giving those wobbly, little legs a rest.
Great job, Sadie girl.


Debi said…
I'm so proud of Sadie! Nana
You have been running since you could stand!

Love you!!!!

Anonymous said…
Great run, Sadie. Congratulations!
..and it was great to have Mama and Emma cheering you on!! Papa.
Sonja said…
It was great talking on the phone with Sadie about her exciting run and the party she will be attending for her efforts!! Way to go!! Everest here she comes!!
Anonymous said…
What else happened, when pigs flew? Dad

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