Treat Friday

Root beer Float Ice Cream 
Toy Aisle
Ask 100 times for a toy.
Say no 100 times.


Alisha said…
Rite Aid? I don't know of anywhere else you can get root beer float ice cream AND have a toy aisle. Can I PLEEEAASE have this random slingshot looking toy? PLEEEEASE?!?!
1000hats said…
Yes! We call it Thrifty 'cause we are old school like that. The root beer float ice cream was a new one for all of us and a BIG hit as well.
Anonymous said…
Used to be the five & dime, where I spent my allowance on Payday Bars and toys....Papa
1000hats said…
WHAT?! No ice cream?
Anonymous said…
Dairy Queen for a rootbeer freeze or a butterscoth sunday...., sometime out to Hi Jolly Date Farm for a date MALT- talk about calories..Dad
Sonja said…
Oh back to the day of 25 cent ice creams!! Remember the night we went for ice cream and mommy sped away and you rolled to the back of the Trooper, but saved the shake!!

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