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Scoot around town



Avery has an amazing ability to create little puddles of tears under her eyes  after a bit of a cry.

Summer sweater complete


Art Show, Amazing Kids

None of the art pieces are by my own children, but I LOVE them. There is really something amazing about the creativity of a child. All of these are guided assignments as part of the Art Corp program at Sadie's school, which uses important pieces of art as a subject for learning art concepts. While many of the results are merely copies of the original inspiration, some are beautiful interpretations of the original concept. But I guess you could say that about Sadie and Emma as well.


It must have something to do with 5 year olds. Something about coming to an understanding with the world. Maybe, we think we finally have a grasp as to how the whole thing works, and so can begin our own assessment of what is going on around us, but the things those girls come up with are just crazy.

Emma and her zingers have been cracking me up, or turning a smile, as I over hear her reasoning.  Alas, I have nothing to share. I have yet to pick up the iMemory and have it permanently installed in my own head.

Tomorrow is her last day of preschool, then it is off to big kid school. We bought some "water shoes" to wear during their water play time, and hopefully it will be beautiful again tomorrow, even with the rain we are having tonight. Knowing my girls, there is not much to keep them from getting wet. Even if it is cloudy, windy and "cold"(we are talking SoCal, people) I know she is going to make the most of her special day, with or without any classmates with …

Sisters, sand, smiles

Emma asked for the park and I said yes. So we went. Avery averted a nap to take in some scenery, show off her four new teeth she is working on and get in the sand a bit. It was a short stay before Sadie was out of class. But the day was beautiful and no one was there. It was all ours.

Bits and pieces



"Mama, two times in my whole, wide life I made it in the ten foot one."

My Good Day

Today I had a great day. When I got up in the morning at 7:30 when daddy was going to work, I woke up Emma to tell her to get dressed because I REALLY wanted to get to school early. When we were  dressed, Mama was still snoring. When she woke up, we all went to have breakfast.                                                 
After I ran 7 laps in the morning, I went to my classroom. It was another day of star testing. We get to have gum when we do star testing. Each grade (2nd and 3rd) got to do one test. Today 2nd grade finished star testing. 3rd grade needs to do only one more test.
At P. E. we did mosquito tag and cup stacking. We did mosquito tag first. Then it was time for cup stacking. I watched a movie to help to learn quickly. Then we went home.
(posted by Sadie)

Emma's quote o' the day

Emma asks,"Is 'crack up' Spanish for 'laugh'?"

Mother's Day briefs

Emma,"I am going to do gymnastic on Daddy."

Nathan sitting on couch, Emma standing on his shoulders grabbing a book, she says, "This is a better way to get books down off the shelf."

After dinner walk



Making the bed this morning.
Emma was helping.
When we finished, Emma says," Let me step back and look at it."
Observing, then...
"Yep, perfect. It looks like the Disneyland beds."

Street chalk


Color in the morning


Field Trip Friday

Friday Sadie's class went to Mission Trails Park and hiked Cowles Mountain. Emma and I went to meet the class after the hike. They took longer than expected on the mountain so Emma and I went on a little hike. It was beautiful! The weather, the sky, the land, even the air smelled wonderful, full of the scent of coastal sage and wildflowers.