It must have something to do with 5 year olds. Something about coming to an understanding with the world. Maybe, we think we finally have a grasp as to how the whole thing works, and so can begin our own assessment of what is going on around us, but the things those girls come up with are just crazy.

Emma and her zingers have been cracking me up, or turning a smile, as I over hear her reasoning.  Alas, I have nothing to share. I have yet to pick up the iMemory and have it permanently installed in my own head.

Tomorrow is her last day of preschool, then it is off to big kid school. We bought some "water shoes" to wear during their water play time, and hopefully it will be beautiful again tomorrow, even with the rain we are having tonight. Knowing my girls, there is not much to keep them from getting wet. Even if it is cloudy, windy and "cold"(we are talking SoCal, people) I know she is going to make the most of her special day, with or without any classmates with whom to splash around.

Also tomorrow is the "baton race", featuring our speedy second grader. She is a bit scared, not really the word, rather overwhelmed that she will be racing against all the other grades, including the fourth grade. So we will see. I am sure she will do great, and after practice yesterday her "legs weren't even sore at all". She has that going for her, which is nice.


Anonymous said…
Girl upside down...Big Foot.

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