My Good Day

Today I had a great day. When I got up in the morning at 7:30 when daddy was going to work, I woke up Emma to tell her to get dressed because I REALLY wanted to get to school early. When we were  dressed, Mama was still snoring. When she woke up, we all went to have breakfast.                                                 

After I ran 7 laps in the morning, I went to my classroom. It was another day of star testing. We get to have gum when we do star testing. Each grade (2nd and 3rd) got to do one test. Today 2nd grade finished star testing. 3rd grade needs to do only one more test.

At P. E. we did mosquito tag and cup stacking. We did mosquito tag first. Then it was time for cup stacking. I watched a movie to help to learn quickly. Then we went home.

(posted by Sadie)


Anonymous said…
Definitely, a full day, Sadie. Papa
Sonja said…
She should blog once a month! Love it! I especially liked the part about how the test wasn't the hard part it was getting to the reward, GUM!!
Great day Sadie!

Love you!!!


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