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My girls and me

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First beach day of summer

As always we have been having overcast days mixed with sunny days. Sometimes the clouds burn off to reveal a splendidly blue sky, while others keep the covers pulled up over their heads all day.  I am loving the blue-ness of the sky together with the puffy clouds, makes for a perfect excuse for spreading out a blanket and do nothing but watch them blow by.

Blueberries for breakfast


Baton Race

Three laps, five runner per team, each runner runs three legs. Talking strategy, who is going first? 

Last lap, Sadie's third leg of running.

Giving it all she's got.

Coming back to applause


"Emma, will you wash my bedroom window? It is super duper dirty."

"Sure! I would be glad to!"


1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,910,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26... Sorry. Those are all the numbers I remember in the alphabet. And really. Don't make fun of me. Wait... isn't there more numbers?? Hey!!! Come back here and tell me!!

by Sadie
Avery is ...

talking about her toes. She points to them and says,"ta, ta..". She thinks they are funny sometimes and is proud that she can show you where they are.

getting frustrated when she can't reach something or you have to take an unchewable item away.

talking about everything. Has conversations with herself or Sadie and Emma.

very good at unfolding laundry.

better at the army crawl than G.I. Joe could ever hope to be, and she is fast.

still cuddley and sweet.

eating everything and loving it.

Rotten Eggs (by sadie)

When Emma's in front of me, no matter where we are, sometimes she says:
"Last one there is a rotten egg!" But when Daddy or Mama are with us, after she gets to that place, if I am not there yet she says: "Sadie's on my team!" and then when I get to the place, the person (Daddy or Mama) that is playing with us is a double rotten egg.

Three reasons why my kitchen and I love thrifting...

Crate&Barrel 5.95 each 8 for $5.99

 Le Crueset $190 $12.99

All Clad $330 $15
Nine months Avery plays peek-a-boo. Avery says hi and hat. She shakes her head back and forth and makes noise to be silly. She has seven teeth, with the eighth just peeking through. Avery coughs when you cough. Avery chuckles with the girls are laughing as if to join in the fun. She charms everyone with her smile. She laughs and cries at the same time. Sweet, sweet, sweet, I tell you. She is just so sweet.

Watch out


Five year-old words

Emma to Sadie,"Stop looking at mine and concentrate on yours!"
Emma to me,"Mama, what does exquisite mean?"
I give an answer.
Emma to me,"Mama, you are exquisite!"
This made me feel special, until later that day, I heard her telling everyone they were exquisite.
I will still take it as a compliment.