Summer Birthday

The weekend was filled with kiddie birthday parties. So we spent some time at the park, in the sun, with friends. We came away with patches of sunburn, poor Daddy got the worst of it.  We enjoyed the time together outside in the sun, which has again taken to hiding in the clouds.

More parties to come this weekend, three in fact. One of which is for our oldest sister.
After three girls, yes, it does seem a long time since we experienced everything for the first time. The newness that is scary, overwhelming, character building and lovely all wrapped up in a burrito shaped bundle of baby. Smiling, crying and amazing for us all.
It is wonderful to watch our Sadie become herself, with and in spite of our guidance. Being the first is hard for the child as much as for the parents. But she is a star, gorgeously bright in so many ways. Some times I have to catch my breath when she is doing her thing. Her courage, sensitivity, innate sense of belonging to the world, and joy for living today, in this moment, is truly awesome. How did we do this, I wonder?

Sadie, thank you for showing us the joy in our everyday. Thank you for challenging us to be the best at helping you be your best. You are a brilliant little girl and I love you so much.


Sonja said…
WOOOHOOO!! Can't wait to celebrate!!
Beautiful Sara....picture & thoughts.

Love you!

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