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today+avery=solo steps

Sixth Ave, Sunday afternoon


Goodness from the farm

Girls eating cantaloupe from Farmer Steve. We received a delivery today but this photo is from our last delivery. Yes, I am really that far behind in updates.

Taking a dip

Avery's first big pool swim. It was cold but she was game.

Sunshine and shadows

Sometimes it takes just getting out to raise your spirits and this afternoon we were up for some skating, playground, and ice cream. It was a new park for us and turned out to be a great place to spend a warm, sunny afternoon. Big trees, sunshine and shade, a playground that was not "boring", flat sidewalks for easy skating and strolling, cute bungalows and pretty gardens, and an ice cream shop within walking distance.  I have heard recently to find the joy in the day, it is always there, just takes some looking. Without expectation.
I found it in the shadows of my skating girls, the bigness of these trees, the trimmed hedges, the smallest of bungalows, and the way the tree (last photo)seemed to have settled in and put down roots with out any intention to ever change.

Old Town

We came in search of some old time-y candy but found some beautiful sights all around us. The day was hot and bright when we arrived about ten and we were gone by noon. We walked through the middle of town and the mercado, stopping at the toy shop to pick out a little treat. Sadie wanted to show us the school house she had visited on a class field trip. We tromped through the carriage house and the old adobe house in the center of town. The girls really enjoyed seeing the rooms, fully furnished, as if people were still living there. I loved the center courtyard and gardens. Good summer stuff.

Out in the garden

I have a new raised bed that has been waiting for some planting. I never got around to it, all I managed to do was empty the composter into the box. After some watering, sprouts began to appear. And now we have a very full box of squash and tomato plants, as well as many citrus sprouts.  Our compost does not get hot enough to kill the seeds so I put a bunch of red worms in it and they have loved it, most of them ended up in the box.  Should be some happy plants.

Summer-late morning sky


My girl


Hiking the Cabrillo Trail

Bayside view: Emma, Neela, Sadie
Walk up to the lighthouse

Coastal Sage: end of summer and still had some blooms. I loved the contrast between the sticks and the blue of the bay.
Down the road to the trail head

Something yellow, something pretty

Sailboats and sage

The trail is all downhill one way and all up on the way back
Looked like asters, I loved the pink in the middle of the scrap
The day was warm and very windy coming off the ocean. Ocean side view.

Enjoying the breeze after the long hike.