Afternoon snack

--oven baked caramel corn
--finger knitting, coffee, corn, yum!

I have been wanting/meaning to try my hand at some home made caramel corn, well, for quite awhile. Inspiration came from Orangette and her post about how incredibly good it can be, when you do it yourself.  And it was very good, only one thing went wrong- the sugar seized. It crystalized a bit when I added the vanilla and baking soda, so need to try it again. Someone commented that it tasted like popcorn and sand which, at least in our batch, was quite an exaggeration.

The recipe I used also contained corn syrup, which I had left over from some holiday baking before I decided that corn syrup is NEVER worth using or buying in any sort of food product. (Have you tried buying something that comes in a box from the grocery without corn syrup or any other corn by-product? Yeah, good luck with that.) Anyway, I have eliminated it as an option for anything I make in my own kitchen and after some search, I found a few options to try and hopefully the sugar will remain liquid, fingers crossed.
Oh, and I have to add some almonds or peanuts too!


Papa said…
We have a big bag of slivered almonds. I can bring you 1/2 for your use in various recipes.
Sonja said…
I have done the same about "corn" anything!! Emulsifiers, HFCS, and corn oil...Reading "The Omnivores Dilemma" helps with my change in diet..Guess what..a small bit of weight loss has occurred..Woot!!
1000hats said…
The worst of all, baby formula has so much of that junk.
Very sad what is considered acceptable as food here.

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