Sunshine and shadows

Sometimes it takes just getting out to raise your spirits and this afternoon we were up for some skating, playground, and ice cream. It was a new park for us and turned out to be a great place to spend a warm, sunny afternoon. Big trees, sunshine and shade, a playground that was not "boring", flat sidewalks for easy skating and strolling, cute bungalows and pretty gardens, and an ice cream shop within walking distance.  I have heard recently to find the joy in the day, it is always there, just takes some looking. Without expectation.
I found it in the shadows of my skating girls, the bigness of these trees, the trimmed hedges, the smallest of bungalows, and the way the tree (last photo)seemed to have settled in and put down roots with out any intention to ever change.


Papa said…
Coronado IS peaceful and shady..

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