day and night

Our ever changing space. New looks for a new season. I moved the large table from the office out to the "conservatory". I don't know what to call that room. But I do know it is light and bright, the temperature is relatively stable, so conservatory seems appropriate. The orchids love it, as long as I remember to water them. And now that the table is out there, so do the girls. A new place to color or read, have a snack or work on a project.
And also I finished phase one of my "jeans" project, recovering the sofa cushions with donated jeans and thrifted zippers. In the next phase, I hope to make a bed cover for our room. Projected finish date is sometime 2011.


Papa said…
Looks like reader #3 is getting a head start by wathcing and listening to Mama and her two older sisters.....Go Avery...

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