October Spooks


Debi said…
Great photo of the hawk! Oh, and the two girls are pretty cute too!

Sonja said…
Wow!! Avery totally has a Heckman look there!! Nice growin' toof on Emma!! AMAZING hawk pic!!
Papa said…
Great photos all around....when I was driving down Gage Tuesday night, after kid-sitting, I had an owl fly by my windshield with a rat or gopher- hope it was a gopher....saw the girl photos on facebook, too. Nice..
1000hats said…
Papa- Good, the hawks have been hunting regularly around here. Hope the owls keep coming back, Oh and we have a mouse in the house. For some reason, when we had a cat, there were always cats around. Now that she is gone, no cats. Weird, but I am happy to see the big birds picking up some of the slack.

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