Heat the oven to 350 degrees

How I have fallen so incredibly far behind in just one weekend (well may be more than that) can only mean that we have been so incredibly busy, at least for us, this past week. We blazed a trail from Monday to Sunday in what seems to have been three days, when in fact we did not time travel, it was a full seven days. Yes, it was full. And now that I think about it and look at the evidence presented before me, the whirlwind began a week before in fact. 
It was the kindergarten bake sale that got us going.

I may become "the cinnamon roll mom" if I keep this up. 50 rolls for sale, plus a lemon loaf     cake, grab your quarters. Everything is 50 cents.

Apples are in season and I have been making an effort to try as many as possible. In fact we need more right this moment. A pie for Emma and me (and Avery!) made with bright green granny smiths. Can't go wrong with them!

We ran out of bread but not out of flour, so I threw together a loaf one night so we could have fresh slices in the morning for breakfast and lunch and snack and....


Papa said…
Busy Hands.....Great smells and eats....

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