Mountain Air

So that road trip I was talking about got me itching to spend a bit of time up in the mountains after driving through them and seeing how pretty they were. So I committed myself to get us up there for a picnic during our break. The first part of the week just seemed to fly by and so Friday was the day.  
We headed up to Lake Cuyamaca, knowing the weather was to be clear, beautiful and cold. Sadie really did not believe it would be cold since it was sunny and clear all the way up. We popped out of the car and Sadie felt the wind whip by her and decided it was cold. Lunch was turkey sandwiches, because what else can you eat the day after? 
After eating, we went for a walk and took some pictures. Everyone was ready for a hot drink so we headed home with the promise of hot chocolate upon arrival. Beautiful day.


Papa said…
Love all the bundled-up hikers and the oak-in-the-meadow is awesome, too!
Sonja said…
Avery's face tells how cold it was with her ruby red nose and cheeks! The colors are so awesome around town up here too!!
Beautiful kids, family and scenery!
Love you all!

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