Throw up the tree with Christmas stuff

The morning of Thanksgiving day was spent putting up the Christmas tree. Boxes were snapped open, tissue was flung aside and only a couple ornaments were broken in the mad dash to decorate the tree this year.  It always seems to create a frenzy. Those kids get so excited about one ornament or another and there always seems to be a clump of ornaments on one side of the tree in the end.  It is not about placement yet, just pure numbers. Avery got to try her hand at decorating. She got her own box of baby safe ornaments and there was quickly a line drawn around the tree below which no glass ornaments could be hung.  That little one can reach up high already! We had fun and I took deep breaths regularly and hid all my favorites. They can wait in storage until next year or so. 

Decorating is thirsty work.


Papa said…
Great first Christmas Tree with Avery!!!
Papa said…
Interesting pinkie finger lilt...

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