when I was your age or some such nonsense

New adventures were found is an old favorite place.  We finally walked the trail through the tidal flood plan at Dog Beach.  Everyone and their dog, literally, were at the beach today but not in this little section.  After the complaining died down and new things were discovered, everyone enjoyed themselves, each with her own adventure.  Sadie headed off to look for sticks, Avery explored the near by dunes collecting leaves and Emma drew in the sand.  Then they all went looking for dried seaweed which they planned on grinding up and eating, because that is what these witches do, according to the witches themselves.  Finish it all off with a scoop of ice cream and you have a lovely afternoon.


I remember all those beautiful summer afternoons spent there with you & Sonja...popcorn and cans of pineapple coconut juice!
Papa said…
...and I heard all about it, when I picked up our farm fresh box: Sadie and Emma told all about it and Emma found that Avery's shoes were still full of sand..priceless.
Sonja said…
Oh the good old days of swimming in the channel....Only when the tide was coming in...Of course! Oh and to come out of the water and drink an ice cold Pineapple Coconut Kern's..MMMM!
Papa said…
That's native sand verbena, holding the dunes.

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