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Who needs bread when Mama lets you do this

For this little girl, bread is just a shuttle for jam to the mouth. You load it up, lick it off and start again. Or you can just eat it off the knife to save some time.

Walking home

can be very traumatic. It can be long, boring and tiresome to kindergarten legs.
But when you go the long way, down the alley, past Claire's house, through the short cut and sometimes you can run ahead, it's not so bad. At least, once you are home.

kitchen corners

1. potatoes waiting for a bath
2. dried bean soup from Joy of Cooking
3. "Whatever ya got" muffins: pumpkin pineapple spice
4. busy counter
5. Avery's read of the day

you do homework, we'll go to the park


On to dessert...

Here is my $89 cherry pie. It was auctioned off at church for a youth group fund raiser.

   With the left over dough, I put this little blackberry pie together. It was a hit at our house.

The dinner Sadie caught

===Rainbow trout
===dinner is served
===de bones
===oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Friday Fishing

No school on Friday+retired Papa=Let's go fishing!
Us girls headed out to Santee Lakes to spend the morning trying our luck at fishing. I wore my lucky socks and my holey sweater if that counts for anything. Maybe that is why I spotted the bob-bob of Sadie's fishing pole before it fell over with a fish on the line. Papa grabbed it, set the hook and handed it over to Sadie to reel her in. Emma and I manned the net and landed the fish.
Emma did not get one on her line but she got to reel in a fish a neighbor caught. Next time, Emma. Next time.


Remember those old timey things we used to use to keep track of ourselves? I don't have a new fangled electronic device instead, my calendar on gmail is rarely updated and we have forgotten basketball practice twice this season. All of which I could probably blame on my most definite lack of a defined system of organization. Instead I take photos, so I can at least remember what I did do.

--Happy Birthday, Papa!
--Hangin with baby.

What's the best way to eat homemade applesauce and cinnamon ice cream?

Just about like this, so says Avery.
It can be hard to lower our expectations, to give up our intentions, our commitments or our personal agenda. As a parent, I have found this to be a challenge on a daily basis in some fashion, occasionally you are given a day without any of it. But most of the time, it is all up to me. To let what will not work go, to change my attitude or my agenda.  The end result, if I am capable of truely achieving this, is happier kids and a happier me.
As I said though this is a big challenge for me. When you add sick people into the equation, I really struggle. All of this to say, this day, the one pictured above was a good day, for all of us, regardless of sickness, dirty dishes, and laundry that seems to grow when my back is turned.