Surprise cookies

These chocolate wonders are my new favorite cookie.  Unfortunately, cookies like these stick to you in the most unflattering of ways, so I have come up with a more appropriate name, Surprise, you gained ten pounds! Cookies. None the less, they will be baked and enjoyed around here again. I just need to have some volunteers to take some off our hands so I don't eat a dozen. 
The recipe is from a Holiday Cookies mag of Martha Stewart's I bought a few years ago which I rediscovered when trying to find a use for eggs whites and found a meringue cookie which failed miserably.  But what is it that makes for the surprise, you ask? A gooey marshmallow hidden beneath a blanket of chocolate frosting on top of a brownie style cookie.  Yes. Now you understand how devouring a dozen might not seem so grotesque.


Have an empty plate here....
Papa said…
Grotesque, yes, but I'm sure we can help with your predicament...what time, tomorrow, is available for pickup???

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