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Easter morn


egg time

--- Avery insisted on banging her egg on the table, so she ate an egg while we dyed some      eggs. Only a dozen, next year we will have to do more! ---tie dyed eggs --- colors

emma playdates, we picnic

--- packing up for the picnic
--- celery
--- mexican mangos, yum!
--- jelly jar glasses
--- plateful
--- blueberry scones, unbelievably good. (I tried to find the actual recipe I used, but to no             avail. The original recipe was a Martha recipe and called for cream rather than buttermilk, and raspberries rather than blueberries. Oh, and I reduced the sugar by almost half. Hee!)



daddy, you come home now you hear?


thursday is beach day


six and stuff

Yes, we have reached six for the second time.  To celebrate, Emma picked a jungle theme with vines and big branches around the house. Blue elephant was to be the cake decor, with some fun games to go with all the fun.  Birthday ideas seem to evolve around here due to circumstances, seasons, resources and inspirations. This time we had face painting, playing on the hill, pizza making, blue elephant chocolate cake, bubbles and pinwheels.

Happy #6, Emma!

things to love about avery

-- her sweet cheeks
-- that she tells me no as often as the big kids
-- thumb sucking
-- her blue eyes and pretty smile
-- her words and chattering
-- she likes kisses
-- her skinny legs
-- she still thinks I am the greatest

zoo day

--- huggin' Gilas (for you non-westerns, say Hee-las) --- pattern: snake skin --- kiddos --- building a nest; interesting techniques --- patterns: feathers --- bathing --- pattern: roots --- about all that was hanging around from last night's storm --- pattern: noses --- i "heart" elephants

scrappy cat


Eat out