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amazing words from aN eight year old

Wow Town

Walk with me to Wow Town,
It's so much fun
Just come on down.

There are clowns and cookies,
Cakes and pies,
And amazing buildings before your very eyes!

There are rides and rocks that you can climb on all day,
So much to do,
But most of it...

Children will chomp on chunky chocolate and candy,
Trust me,
In Wow Town,
Everyone will be dandy!

So skip to Wow Town with us,
I'm sure you'll have to go,
But be sure to come in the summer,
Because it's always sunny, you know!

Love Forever

A great heart can always remember
The golden window of life.

Love bursts through our lives,
Shimmering through life's clear windows,
Filling our cold hearts
With pure, wonderful joy.

There are people hoping that this miraculous love
Will stay with us forever,
Being truthful
At all times.

What love can do,
Amazing, but dangerous,
Sweeping up more oblivious people
while every second ticks by.

Incredible love,
Pulls us together,
We will never know.

 poems by Sadie He…

hike to the beach






home town glory

I love this place.

bed time


dance party

Spring Dance, 60's Hippy theme ...this about sums it up.

yarn abounds

I realized that every flat surface in our home supported some sort of yarn collection. Yes, knitting projects just keep starting and the finishing rate is definitely slower. Some get boring, some get frogged, and some just take a long time to complete.  Oh well, doing is better than not doing, right?

loving these days

--Avery's sweet cheeks --Avery's pretty curls --Emma's freckles --Emma's mute button (only available in photo format)
I am so happy to see those little sandals around the house. The fact that there are still tiny feet around helps with the disbelief that some one is quickly on their way to two.  All three girls were excited to try on ANY shoes they wanted and to come home with a new favorite pair of sandals to call their own. All of the shoes have been in heavy use ever since we got to the car the hour of purchase.   Today has been a drizzly one, although the sun is making her appearance as I type. So the boots have been back out and the umbrella was needed (but never found) for our trip to the library. New books and pictures for the girls, new knitting ideas and pictures for the mama. Actually, one day like this a month would be nice and I am sure the plants would appreciate it as well, but then it would not be San Diego...

No more daisies, no more clover.

From big to small we all watched Emma's performance in the Kindergarten Musical. Her class was a group of weeds trying to take over the garden.  Their song was called, "We're the Weeds, we're cool." For some reason we have no evidence of the event other than the people sitting in a row. Take my word, it was good.


Our last farm box was busting with oranges of all kinds. We took advantage of all that citrus goodness in the form of smoothies to beat the heat.  Cold, sweet, creamy. So simple. So good. Our favorite recipe (makes 3-4 8oz drinks):
4-6 oranges, squeezed frozen berries like raspberries, a handful or so 1 mango and ice, two big handfuls 
Whip it up in the blender until it is smooth.
Other favorite additions: banana, whole milk plain yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, a squeeze of honey if the fruit are all tart.

the monster

The Monster

I have a monster with me
Who stays under my bed
And when I become frightened,
He makes me smile instead.

My monster loves me lots
Always trying to help me
And whenever I'm in trouble
He's the greatest friend to see.

When school is hard and I can't
Figure out a problem,
I ask him what the answer is
Because he always knows them.

If things are tough and you don't know
At all what you should do,
Just ask my monster, he'll know
If there's a monster for you!

by Sadie,  April 2011

after dinner walk

It seems appropriate to go for a stroll after dinner now that the days, with help from an earlier daylight savings time, have begun to stretch out longer. And the golden sun of the evening casts shadows and outlines everything with a shimmering pen.  So stroll we did, on a favorite path near the water.  Avery squealed over and over when she looked up and saw the water stretched out in front of her.  It was exciting stuff.