amazing words from aN eight year old

Wow Town

Walk with me to Wow Town,
It's so much fun
Just come on down.

There are clowns and cookies,
Cakes and pies,
And amazing buildings before your very eyes!

There are rides and rocks that you can climb on all day,
So much to do,
But most of it...

Children will chomp on chunky chocolate and candy,
Trust me,
In Wow Town,
Everyone will be dandy!

So skip to Wow Town with us,
I'm sure you'll have to go,
But be sure to come in the summer,
Because it's always sunny, you know!

Love Forever

A great heart can always remember
The golden window of life.

Love bursts through our lives,
Shimmering through life's clear windows,
Filling our cold hearts
With pure, wonderful joy.

There are people hoping that this miraculous love
Will stay with us forever,
Being truthful
At all times.

What love can do,
Amazing, but dangerous,
Sweeping up more oblivious people
while every second ticks by.

Incredible love,
Pulls us together,
We will never know.

 poems by Sadie Heckman


Sonja said…
She is soooo amazing!!!
I love both of these poems! I want to use the Love poem in my creativity workshop. Love you Sadie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Papa said…
A new poet laureate in the making??

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