I am so happy to see those little sandals around the house. The fact that there are still tiny feet around helps with the disbelief that some one is quickly on their way to two.  All three girls were excited to try on ANY shoes they wanted and to come home with a new favorite pair of sandals to call their own. All of the shoes have been in heavy use ever since we got to the car the hour of purchase.  
Today has been a drizzly one, although the sun is making her appearance as I type. So the boots have been back out and the umbrella was needed (but never found) for our trip to the library. New books and pictures for the girls, new knitting ideas and pictures for the mama. Actually, one day like this a month would be nice and I am sure the plants would appreciate it as well, but then it would not be San Diego...


Papa said…
What a redheaded, rosey-cheeked,cookie monster!

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