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June has been full of cloudy mornings and only a few shiney afternoons. But every once and awhile those rays split the clouds and down they shine, lighting up whatever is in their path until they splash around the ground and shine back up again. Then you remember the differences, the dark and light, shadows playing along the path and up the walls. The heat and the cool offering you a retreat from one or the other.

breaking in period

Yes, even summer needs a little breaking in. That first week was a bit rough. But we are getting into the swing of things and finding our groove.

We are making stuff.

Cracked open our first watermelon of the season.

Reading books and books and more books.

Spending afternoons in the shade while Sadie is at practice.

Eating dessert on the patio... it is a good start.

Classic Emma

We are in church last Sunday and the teen group is running the service so all the kids are in church. Our church service is held in the "Family Life Center", otherwise known as a gym. My kids are wondering when they will be "released" from the big church to go to their classes. They are kinda bored. Emma whispers," There are a lot of exits in here."

daze with a toddler

This is the baby who is entirely convinced she is no longer just that one minute and entirely incapable of going without being in my arms the next.  She is the girl who demands a new diaper but refuses to go through the change without a kick and a scream. She is the third daughter to make me question my ability to be a mother worthy of raising such an awesome gift from God.
These days are full; of tantrums by us both, of snuggles and sweet smiles, of rushing here and staying way too long there, of walking on the curb up the hill and learning to hold hands while crossing the street, of challenges, adventures,  and boredom. To say the least, these days are full.
I find myself wishing for the ease of days past and looking forward to the day we have grown out of this, when the wind comes through the curtains, the sun pours milky light across the table, curls brush my cheek and the moment is more than I could imagine. Like the heat from a flame, I am lifted and carried on an upward draft i…

Thursday: race. art. dine.

----Sadie races in a one mile invitational.
----Emma's art
----Sadie's art
----Sunset on the way to Thai food
The last six months or so have been filled with the discovery of other living creatures for our little Avery. She knows kitty, dog and bird. She knows rolly polly, ants and snail. Seeing the kindness in their eyes, the curiosity in their finger tips and the happiness at another's heart beat, that's the magic stuff you receive from your child.

the best cookies i know

As any of you know lemons are always in our kitchen thanks in part to Farmer Steve and in other part to living in SoCal. SO there is always a need for a new way to consume those lemons.  And then there is always Martha Stewart and her hoards of creatives plugging away in NYC in order to mail me new ways to clean a toaster, roast a chicken, paint a wainscot or  bake a cookie.  Within one of those magazines, she sent me a recipe containing an arrow aimed for my heart. It was labeled Lemon Cornmeal Cookie. A perfect combination of fresh lemon and textured cornmeal, it makes you think one could survive on these. Maybe I will try. All the other cookies pictured here are mine.  Sometimes I share.

Pippilotta in the jampot

this girl likes her strawberries, fresh or jammed