daze with a toddler

This is the baby who is entirely convinced she is no longer just that one minute and entirely incapable of going without being in my arms the next.  She is the girl who demands a new diaper but refuses to go through the change without a kick and a scream. She is the third daughter to make me question my ability to be a mother worthy of raising such an awesome gift from God.
These days are full; of tantrums by us both, of snuggles and sweet smiles, of rushing here and staying way too long there, of walking on the curb up the hill and learning to hold hands while crossing the street, of challenges, adventures,  and boredom. To say the least, these days are full.
I find myself wishing for the ease of days past and looking forward to the day we have grown out of this, when the wind comes through the curtains, the sun pours milky light across the table, curls brush my cheek and the moment is more than I could imagine. Like the heat from a flame, I am lifted and carried on an upward draft into right now and there is no other place I would want to be.


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