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ocean in a bottle


Emma actually asked me to tie a string around her tooth that was tied to the doorknob because that is how Emily did it.

So I did.

But it did not work. No. Later that day she finally pulled it out. She took Sadie's advise of pulling it out while jumping on her bed which she thought of doing when I asked her to get some diapers out of her room to take the park. She said while she was getting the diapers she was sort of bouncing on the bed and then she thought of pulling on her tooth. That worked. Sadie knew it would work because she did it one time when her tooth would not come out and after a few bounces it came out so she suggested that method. We had pretty much exhausted all other options short of pliers.

things that might be considered funny

--- We are watching bicycle races.
--- Emma said, "Last night Daddy was telling me what prison is like."
--- The baby has mastered the words no, don't, move, and stop.
--- The baby tends to answer in a really loud voice sometimes when you ask her questions.
--- The man next door came over to ask if we had a grey and white cat. When I said yea, he said            he would stop feeding her.
--- A man down the street uses a shop vac to clean up his front yard.

birthday bonfire


girls vs boys

Sadie has been playing basketball this summer, in a boy's league. Her team is all girls but there are not enough other all girl teams to make up it's own league.  I think it has been good for her even though she complains about it. This week she scored her first basket. She smiled and high-fived her teammates. It was good.

Lots of beach days

Last week we spent five of seven days at the beach.  Everyday brought something new, amazing how much the ocean changes over the course of a week. Our last day it was just Emma and I. It was late, late afternoon. The waves were calm, no seaweed and the water was refreshing and warm enough to be in it and not make your teeth chatter or legs cramp. This week the mornings are full of VBS camp. The afternoons are all basketball or play dates.  Hope to see the waves again next week.

ha ha


sunday birthday beach party

birthday party on the beach, cloudy, windy, more seaweed, almost warm water, crazy waves and rips, and parking five blocks was still good.

saturday afternoon

rough waves, warm sun, bit of a breeze and not too much was good.

the brains of a nine year old

At dinner Sadie asks Nathan, "what  is 4D?"  He answers, There is no such thing as 4D it is made up. So Sadie comes up with the fourth dimension: length, width, height, and acrossth.

Later , "There's 3D, 2D, 1D... what's 1D?!"

hello...i'm emma.

"I sure like ants on a log."
"Sadie, you should not drink that (water in her water bottle from soccer practice) because it is probably all sweaty."

It's July and tonight Emma says," Mama, Sadie will probably need to buy a new flashlight for trick or treating because she does not have one to use."

"Mama, I have been thinking about monsters and stuff it just seems scary to have a flashlight in the dark because a lot of PG movies have kids with flashlights in the dark and monsters."

hot weather

The kids were almost as parched as the lawn. Put out the sprinkler and have some fun.

afternoon beach


Monday night

Monday night included:
food*friends*family*goofing off*grilling*ice cream*rootbeer floats*fireworks* slumber party