Fair time


I think this year was the year. The one in which I finally decided that being hot and scrambling through crowds of people while trying to keep track of all the kids is really not fun.  I have mentioned that I may in fact never go again or rather I could never go again and not miss it. 
But it is fun to watch the girls get so excited about the rides and be so afraid at the same time. And the cows, or rather steer, always get me with their big eyelashes, the sheep with their cute black socks and floppy ears, and those pigs even make me smile when they lay there sleeping dreaming of hog heaven, I guess, because they are smiling too.
Maybe I will just take a year off?


Sonja said…
Extra hands might help! Emma did not look happy on the roller coaster...To next year when they are a little older and maybe Aunt Sonja can join in!!

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