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central coast: beach path

Avery and I went for a little stroll across the road from the house we were staying in to see what we could see. We did not find much, but the ticks found us. 

belated birthday

Once back from our central coast vacation, I finally finished up Sadie's birthday quilt. She has wanted one for quite some time in the theme of green. I pulled all this fabric from my stash of scraps and full cuts. I love making one of these to bust through said stash. I liked the way it turned out and so did she.  Best of all, it works.

party weekend


1. Everyone gets cake on their actual birthday around here. This one was made by her sisters just for her. Chocolate with fudgy frosting. 2. Cheesecake with strawberries and blueberries for the party. 3. Blowing the candles out. 4. yum! 5. presents 6. Heckman Family Circus rounds out the night.

you are two


central coast: julia pfeiffer burns+limekiln hikes


central coast: hearst castle


central coast: hearst beach+cold waves+pier


central coast: homestead+elephant seals


kid party


+find the gummy bears in the plate of whipped cream and chocolate syrup
+extra whipped cream, sure!
+some more extra whipped cream, sure!
+watermelon and face painting!
+adventures on the hill
+more watermelon!
+cow coat cupcakes! yum!
+Happy Birthday Sadie!