nine year old

It was about this time nine years ago that I was beside myself. There were so many things to learn, so many right choices to make, so many hours that were no longer spent sleeping. It was all so overwhelming, wonderful and crazy wrapped up into a terrific knot.
I must say that each year since has presented new challenges and afforded more rewards, in ways that I never could have dreamt.
After three babies, I realize that your ability to sit and listen to an entire Dr Suess book at six months was exceptional.  The way I felt taking you to kindergarten the first week of school was something I could only feel with you. How we get to laughing, then to gasping for breath and then crying because we are laughing so hard after dinner for whatever reason, that is just you and me.  All the firsts you have given to me, since I first felt you move inside of me, I receive as gifts. Thank you for all the firsts, the ones that gave me joy or sadness or guilt or pride or humility or understanding. I love you.


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