So you know the baby...

the one we just had. She is turning two. This month. In 19 days, in fact. Can I believe it, you ask? Well, yes and no. It really does not seem possible that two whole years ago, we brought her home and she slept in the afternoon sunlight on our bed. No that could not have been two years already. But then there are her quirky smiles and rolled eyes she throws my way at every appropriate moment.  And that way she won't give in and insists and persists until she does in fact have things just so. No one less than two can really do all that.
Just tonight she walked into our room and climbed up onto the bed. I asked her if she ate her noodles. She said no, with a very "serious" look across her face. "Did the kitty eat your noodles?"
"Yea," she says with the pouty lip for added emphasis. I smile at her and she laughs back.

If growing up with two sisters has taught her anything so far, it is how to work a room, how to follow the cues and pull it all off. She is amazing and soon... soon she will be two.


Papa said…
She is amazing!!!
Sweet, sweet Avery, Grammy loves you!

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