Emma:"Did you know that boy mermaids...they don't wear shirts."
"We are mermaids, baking a cake for the ball. Daddy is the king of the ocean and Mama is the queen of the ocean, working on her shell laptop."

This is our 900th post. I sort of remember starting this thing February of 2005. It was intended to keep in touch and share our new home in New Jersey. Since then it has just become part of our family history, a book to open and see just what we might have been doing on March 23, 2007 or June 2, 2010. Thanks for playing along, watching us grow and encouraging us along the way!


With each new post I have been filled with joy and wonder by your beautiful photos, laughed and laughed again at the things you "overheard" the kid's saying,and been moved to both laughter & tears by Sadie's poetry. Thank you for sharing your insight, love and everydayness through your writing. I love you all !!!!!!
1000hats said…
So nice! We love you too!
Papa said…
Love your Everyday! We now see y'all much more than the Jersey days, but still look forward everyday to your revealing posts, especially by all three of the girls.

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