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fall festival at the alma mater

A mini trash truck with a real horn... rock climbing wall... carriage rides... fallen leaves... whistles... ice cream... kettle corn... jumpy... piles of pumpkins... scooters... and fun.

dress rehearsal

Friday was a warm up for next Saturday which will be a precursor to the following Monday.
It is a bit ridiculous the amount of Fall/Halloween events there are going on and which we are participating in this year. But while this holiday of sorts has really no meaning, it is all about fun. This weekend we went over to Neela's school carnival and spent some time having fun.
Sadie is a ghost, Avery is a witch, Emma is Halloween Girl and Neela is a Groovy 70's Girl.

a journey for pumpkins

Yes! You are right. I am crazy for driving over an hour for pumpkins. The thing is I love this place, or I think I can say we love this place. There is a tree swing. There are acres of pumpkins. There is a gallery for special pumpkins.  There are bugs. There is dirt. There are no electrical cords taped to the ground or flashing lights. I pay the man who grew the pumpkins. His wife walks around with a guitar singing folk songs I have never heard. There is the opportunity for soda and snacks. And then there is pumpkin pie when we get home.
Another bonfire on the bay. We started with bright and sunny, ending with moonlight, city light and flames. It was lovely. Definitely going to do this again soon.

walk to school day

There seems to be an official walk to school day and we finally participated this year. We met at Peet's coffee, geared up and then head over to school in time to start running club. It was a good day.

rainy day kitty


Avery says

"Come on.""See you later." "Thank you." "You're welcome." "Hi" and "Bye" to any passerby. Categorizes EVERYTHING into Daddy, Mama and baby. "Read another." "Here you go, Daddy." and so much more. In fact, she chatters pretty much all day long.

Emma says

I was using the iPad. Emma was trying to click on things with her pencil while I was reading, but it was not working. I said," It only works with your finger." Emma said, "Wow, that's smart!"

F.Y.I. Be QUIET. A Funny Story is Going on.

If you get bored during my absolutely famous, romantic classic:
The Story of Captain Hook's Lipstick...                                          WOW.         The Story of Captain Hook's Lipstick      Once upon a time there were two pirates arguing. One was named Captain Hook, and the other was Mr. Smee. They were arguing about who had the reddest lips.      Hook said, "My lips are more red because I have sailed many times, and the salt keeps my blood red." But then Smee said,"I think my lips might be redder because I'm a lot fatter, and my lips are a lot chubbier, and, HEY!! I don't even know what we're talking about!!!" 

"Nonsense, you blockhead! Let's just go look in our mirrors." 

"You mean broken glass, captain?" 

"No! Our mirrors, you chickenhead!!"

 "Yes, cap'n."

 "Of course you agree with me, I'm a genius!" 

 Then Hook and Smee went to look in their mirrors…

avery's sentences

Popsicle. Eat. Yeah.

little chef

As I was browsing the delights within an anthro store, I came across a cooking book intended for the kiddos. Luckily it was the month of July, so I justified the purchase by giving the book to Sadie for her birthday.  Now before we get too far, I need to confess that I am a "children's cookbook" junkie. But it is not just any book that gains my favor. No there are criteria that need to be met. First, the photography must be outstanding, in such a way as the fact that there are recipes included may just be a bonus.  Next, the food items must be desired by both child and adult. And no, absolutely no ordinary food items cut into cute shapes or carrot sticks that resemble whiskers on a rice cake cat face. The food must simply be delicious. (We all eat plenty of fruits and veggies around here, no need to corrupt a lovely brownie or other sweet treat.) Lastly, the recipes must be easy enough for a child, with some kitchen experience , to manage with minimal help but also dive…

hittin' the town for candy

After the picking and picnicing was done, we drove into town to get a piece of candy from the general store.  There was chocolate covered almonds and giant pixie stix, peanut pillows and boston baked beans, wild honey and fresh apple cider. We walked away with a ring pop and two Lick-a-maid packets. What else did we spy around town?
a dog gang
a baby walking on her knees
many pies shops but only one with a huge line
sun shining through the trees
twenty or so humming birds buzzing around bird feeders
an original two cell county jail built in 1870 something
and the beginnings of fall all around us.

Emma says we should go when it snows. Yeah, we probably should.