F.Y.I. Be QUIET. A Funny Story is Going on.

                                If you get bored during my absolutely famous, romantic classic:
                   The Story of Captain Hook's Lipstick...
        The Story of Captain Hook's Lipstick
     Once upon a time there were two pirates arguing. One was named Captain Hook, and the other was Mr. Smee. They were arguing about who had the reddest lips.
     Hook said, "My lips are more red because I have sailed many times, and the salt keeps my blood red." But then Smee said,"I think my lips might be redder because I'm a lot fatter, and my lips are a lot chubbier, and, HEY!! I don't even know what we're talking about!!!" 

"Nonsense, you blockhead! Let's just go look in our mirrors." 

"You mean broken glass, captain?" 

"No! Our mirrors, you chickenhead!!"

 "Yes, cap'n."

 "Of course you agree with me, I'm a genius!" 
 Then Hook and Smee went to look in their mirrors.

(This story was found in the drafts folder. Contributed by Sadie, age 8.)


Sonja said…
Can't wait to see the final product!

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