crazy town

There is something about dinner time that changes everything. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but most of the time a seesaw of both.  If seat belts could be used on children over the age of one around here, they just might still be in fashion.
Here is a typical scenario:

:: Kids running amuck, baby needing to be held, mother trying her best or sometimes not trying at all to keep her wits about her and get dinner finished so everyone will sit down.

:: Mother asks big kids to set the table every night. Every night one or all of the big kids whine about having to set the table. 

:: Kids some what set the table, maybe Dad helps or maybe he does it all.

:: Kids are asked to sit down, kids are asked to sit down, kids are asked to sit down.

:: All people are assembled at the table. Pray and eating commences.

:: Once food hits the blood stream, silliness resumes.

Tonight flaring nostrils were the culprit.  In the photos above, chocolate and the camera within arms reach got it going.


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