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everyday avery

This girl and I, we spend a lot of time together. And just as she has a hard time with a bossy mama, I have a hard time with a bossy baby. But this is the third bossy baby. Each of them with their own personal agenda, objectives and steel will.  So although there are battles I choose to fight, there are others I have learned to avoid because we all have a better day.  I am told I am too easy and told I am too strict.  Yes, I am both of those. What I am in awe of are the things that attract each one, the ways they find for themselves, the things they learn from each other, the intelligence with which they are gifted and those things which make them typical and exceptional.
Today I loved her bangles, curls and how she put herself to bed on her own terms. Favorite book: This Old Man

straw glasses


sweet stuff


cooking with a lightbulb

Something on the banana was not to her specifications.  It's tough being two. She may not be able to communicate clearly with words, but her face says it all.

nine years of creativity

A fairy hotel was open for business over the break. Sadie tried to get Emma to help her several times but I was happy to find her working on it on her own.  And the solutions she came up with were fabulous. Three fairies spent the night that night, eating creating and enjoying the furnishings provided.

the day before 2012

The afternoon brought us to the beach for some time outside, some time in the sand, some time in the damp air. The beach was bustling with activity. People out, guitars strumming, crunching cans, gulls calling, tourists swimming, skateboards screeching and low clouds blowing in and out. It was the last day of the year.


Emma and Ruthie

Avery's new hat!

Sadie and Kit finally meet

Avery's kitchen helper

Best part about Christmas is putting on all your new clothes.

Yeah, new nighties!

Big family gathers at Martha and Jack's house

For some reason, every time I go to a family gathering there are 20 pictures of this guy that I did not take.

Christmas Eve!

Avery gives Rusty the royal treatment

 the stage is set

 a few folks shy some packages are unwrapped

Avery is getting the hang of it

Cookies for Santa, hurry up! Its getting late!

some days are messy

big sisters get out the face paint

mama gets out the flour

Avery gets into the flour

everyone makes tracks

get out all the leftover halloween candy, the graham crackers and frosting

eat some, glue some, and drop a bunch more on the floor

ta-da! messy day!

It is hard to put to words this day. The thought of saying it out loud brings tears to my eyes. But if one person could be amazing when you least expect it, he would be the one.  Grandpa sung to me yesterday, he sung to all of us ringing in the new year with love. He sang he owed everything good, everything lovely, everything to us all. It was our smiles, our tears, our love and our presence in his life he was thankful for. For so long I have thought of all that I have in my life that I owe to him, that we all owe to him. But there is no debt to be paid for love.  Only gratitude. And for you Grandpa I am forever thankful, my heart pours over. You are amazing.