everyday avery

This girl and I, we spend a lot of time together. And just as she has a hard time with a bossy mama, I have a hard time with a bossy baby. But this is the third bossy baby. Each of them with their own personal agenda, objectives and steel will.  So although there are battles I choose to fight, there are others I have learned to avoid because we all have a better day.  I am told I am too easy and told I am too strict.  Yes, I am both of those.
What I am in awe of are the things that attract each one, the ways they find for themselves, the things they learn from each other, the intelligence with which they are gifted and those things which make them typical and exceptional.

Today I loved her bangles, curls and how she put herself to bed on her own terms.
Favorite book: This Old Man


Papa said…
Looked up Cutie in the dictionary and found Avery's picture there.

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