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sweet words

"Bider wub, get out!!"
"Mama, what's Sylvie's number?" I don't know. "Nine-two, okay"

two year old+tablet


january and february are for basketball

Both Sadie and Emma played basketball this season. I decided I am not a good photographer
when my own kids are playing in a game but I caught a couple some what in focus when Sadie was on defense. She is really taking to point guard these days. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do in the spring season. Those little legs can get around.

february birthday bonanza

Papa's was first and he spent the week of his birthday in Yosemite. Later we went to lunch and ate a few cupcakes to celebrate his 65th year. Avery loves candles and the birthday song so she helped a bit too.

Next was Grammy's birthday. We did not put 65 candles on her cake but by some mishap there were at least 6 trick candles which refused to go out. I really don't know how that happened! So Sadie and Emma lent her some help to get them to go out. Grammy recovered from the effort and is feeling good these days.

jogathon 2012

fourth graders are all about business- Sadie logged 5 miles in 40 min.
Avery logged seven rides down the slide.
First graders like to have fun- Emma logged just over 3 miles in 45 minutes.
from the stands- these guys polished off their bag of pirate booty in 15 minutes.
38 candles. Lasagna. Chocolate pudding pie. One week late. Better than never.

friday ice cream


this girl can make you smile



This day ended quite some time ago now. I think it was the weekend after I reduced the number of teeth I had in my mouth from 32 to 31. It was a sunny day. It was windy. The girls longed to go to the park. Nathan asked me to go with them. It was one of those days my first feeling is to stay home, but my second feeling was there was no real reason why I should not go.  The girls played in the sun. They rode scooters and criss-crossed the monkey bars in every way imaginable and then came up with a couple more. Avery watched the birds and dug in the sand. I sat in the sun, finding a warm place where the wind was not so effective at beating out the heat of the sun. I watched the water, the birds, some paddle boards go up and down the channel. Planes took off, dogs sniffed and pulled on leashes. Girls walked by while conversing with each other and on their phones.  Birds hunted for fish, taking flight and landing, craning their necks and scooping up minnows. The wind blew. Planes took off…