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spring break on the sand

We spent our spring break at the beach. It was tough. The sun was out. A steady breeze kept  our hair out of our eyes. The sand was warm. We soaked it up without burning and then we were off to basketball practice.

some people try to get this look

This is classic Avery hair style these days. Curled in front, frizzed in back.

a little run

Nathan and Sadie participated in the high school cross country fundraiser. They finished the 5k in just over 27 minutes.  It was so fast I has difficulty getting the other two kids from one end of the race to the other before they finished. We only lost Avery for a couple minutes. Oops!

emma's day

After much discussion, deliberation and delirium a theme was picked, a cake flavor selected, the games chosen,  and the outfit constructed. Yes, it was a pirate party which included a dancing monkey, a treasure hunt, pirate-y snacks, CAKE, and lastly presents. One great thing about seven year olds, they all love to watch the birthday person open presents. Each one is such a surprise.  I love Emma's concentration while she reads the cards.  

A reading by the author

Emma's class has been working on becoming authors. They started by writing about small moments that make up a day, little significant moments that they remember. They were to expand one of these small memories and fill in all of the details that made up that moment.  For their reading they chose one of their favorites from their books. Emma chose a time when we were buying her a pair of new shoes at Target and she was able to get a new pair of jeggings (which was quite significant to her, as Sadie already had a pair). Notice the illustrations on her book cover referring to the moment she chose to read out loud.  First graders are awesome.

spring whale watching

An unexpected invitation to go whale watching brought Sadie and I out onto the water off the coast here. We armed ourselves with sea sick tablets, snacks, camera and wonderful friends. On our way out we saw sea lions and a small pod of elusive dolphins, a sailing ship and the islands off in the distance. The weather was nice and the ride smooth. The captain chatted about this and that through the harbor leading us out in to open waters. News of a large pod of grey whales off the coast took us out about 8 miles and a bit north.  And then, "there she blows!" calls the captain and the show began.  It was a very nice day, thank you Gaileys!

things we did this week

We walked and rode to the garden almost daily, if only to play on the swings and watch the birds. There is an early morning trip planned for tomorrow before the bball game.
We found a chicken. Which reminds me, we really need some of those little ladies around.
We made our way to basketball practice and picked up some new kicks to boot.
We baked muffins that were not much of a hit.
We had spaghetti twice this week, always a hit.
Sadie and Emma each had a date with Dad to a place of their choosing.
We went to the movies!
We hung around and endured the horrible weather San Diego regularly throws at us; sunshine, wind and a few clouds.
We went to the beach because of above weather.
We got upset with each other because we just did not know what to do with ourselves.
All in all, we have enjoyed the break and there is still a bit more to enjoy.

to watch this garden grow

This scrap of land is bound to grow us a few things this summer. It has our attention. It started as a 10x10 grassy patch. We dug and weeded. We dug and added some amendments. And then we dug in some starts and later some seeds. The list of what it contains is really a bit long for the size of it all.
  Sweet Olive
  Amish Paste
  Early Girl
Japanese Eggplant
Snap Peas
Shelling Peas
Lima Beans
Yellow beans
Green Onions
Slicing Cucumbers
and hopefully, if the seeds come up, lettuce.
We are just starting a few things for now.