things we did this week

We walked and rode to the garden almost daily, if only to play on the swings and watch the birds. There is an early morning trip planned for tomorrow before the bball game.
We found a chicken. Which reminds me, we really need some of those little ladies around.
We made our way to basketball practice and picked up some new kicks to boot.
We baked muffins that were not much of a hit.
We had spaghetti twice this week, always a hit.
Sadie and Emma each had a date with Dad to a place of their choosing.
We went to the movies!
We hung around and endured the horrible weather San Diego regularly throws at us; sunshine, wind and a few clouds.
We went to the beach because of above weather.
We got upset with each other because we just did not know what to do with ourselves.
All in all, we have enjoyed the break and there is still a bit more to enjoy.


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