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lazy summer morning

Summer days are made for mornings like this. Blueberry muffins, fresh squeezed orange juice, a lovely Irish breakfast latte, friends over for the day and we are off to the garden to see how those green, one pound tomatoes are faring.  Hoping to take home some more good stuff from our little patch. 

It has taken longer than expecting, but I think we are finally settling into summer.

me and my shadow

I know I have done this twice already, carried that shadow with me everywhere I go. This third go round has been with a little more patience some of the time, new challenges some of the time and a whole lot more to run around for. But this time before independence is demanded and school is mandatory can be quite fun if I remember to slow it down and find the fun in what I need to get done. Except remember, if you grab the kid and ask her to stand on the table for a quick picture, she will remember that it was fun and insist on more table top photos, which for the most part is a rather bad idea.

In other news, our garden is growing! I found a few signs that I should water a little less, such as this toad stool, standing a grand six inches off the ground and a little blight on my tomatoes. But don't you worry! I have cut the water and cleared the tomatoes off the ground. And my early girl is showing her stuff. This week I found a fruit more than three inches across.  I have cucumbe…

A day away from the holiday

This weekend, intended for holiday, turned itself into a list of games, one after the other, sandwiched between two weeks of travel. Well, it seemed a whirlwind without enough time to do much of anything.  But when an afternoon presented itself with just a bit of time in the sunshine, well, we could not pass it up. In my book, its the simple things that make the day. And some how this afternoon seemed to put all the best right there in front of us and those girls just soaked it all up.

We took a tour of San Diego county on the zoo train first. We each got a ticket. The conductor came around when it was our turn to board and asked for our tickets. Avery handed him the ticket then turned and started to cry refusing to budge and board the train. Dragging her to a seat and getting settled, all the other passengers boarded and it was time to get a move on. The train man announced "All aboard!" and tooted the train horn. This got Avery's attention and she was ready to see whe…