me and my shadow

I know I have done this twice already, carried that shadow with me everywhere I go. This third go round has been with a little more patience some of the time, new challenges some of the time and a whole lot more to run around for. But this time before independence is demanded and school is mandatory can be quite fun if I remember to slow it down and find the fun in what I need to get done. Except remember, if you grab the kid and ask her to stand on the table for a quick picture, she will remember that it was fun and insist on more table top photos, which for the most part is a rather bad idea.

In other news, our garden is growing! I found a few signs that I should water a little less, such as this toad stool, standing a grand six inches off the ground and a little blight on my tomatoes. But don't you worry! I have cut the water and cleared the tomatoes off the ground. And my early girl is showing her stuff. This week I found a fruit more than three inches across.  I have cucumbers on the vine, the lima beans are finally flowering, the sweet olive tomato is heavy with fruit still green and two gophers have been removed after they removed two of my pepper plants. Oh, and we ate our first garden grown carrot.

Since this picture a couple weeks ago, those tomato plants have grown another foot or more. I love my garden!


Papa said…
Avery, the early girl, is looking pretty good, too. She was really sweet singing at Sadie's 4th Grade Promotion!

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