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summer afternoons


cats need music



Items necessary for one 10 year old birthday party:

1. one just turned 10-year old

2. grandparents

3. cousins 

4. food

 5. games with rules

6. forget the rules 
Happy Birthday to our first ten year old! I can't believe it has been ten years since you arrived in our arms.

making up summer

funny glasses

lovely flowers



homemade play dough

back yard cook outs


wet hair


a day in the mountains-part 3

A leisurely stroll, a slow mountain tour; that is what we were afforded on the Tuesday afternoon we drove along highway 79 toward Julian and some apple pie. Of course, our relaxed pace found us in Julian just as they roll up the sidewalks. Five o'clock seems to be the magic hour when every door shuts and the locks are turned until the next day. But thankfully, for us and the other village visitors, a couple of doors remained open to offer the pie and ice cream, cookies and cinnamon rolls we all sought. 

a day in the mountains-part 2

In the dry hills, we call mountains, with scars of fire days old and years past, you can find this little water trail, carving its way through granite and smoothing over hard rock.  The water that feeds the live oaks and deer, gives refuge for frogs and mosquitos, cools yours toes when the heat pours down over your head. We found that little place, and the girls instantly fell in love with the water and all that it provides. We found gold, we found slides, we found friends and we found wild berries, roses, celery and watercress. 

a day in the mountains- part 1

A picnic in the mountains, that was the plan. So later than expected we headed east toward the hills and arrived at Green Valley Falls in time for a late lunch before a hike around the park to the see the Falls. Food was unpacked while all the girls made one exclamation after another about the bugs that seem to find you in the woods. Avery was the most upset by the whizzing of flies, bees and ants, at which point I realize these kids of mine have not been out in the wild near enough.  

summer fair


(friends dancing)

(amazing sights)


(dairy barns)