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Avery's tea

Our littlest one turned three this weekend. Her tea was a hit, with her anyway, as she told me today, "I like tea parties." I am hoping for things to stay this way, at least for awhile.
It does help that the big sisters like tea parties as well. I think we should make room for a few more in our days, as they can make any afternoon just a bit more special.
Happy Birthday to you, Avery. You make every day just a bit more special, too.

hope for the future

Emma," Mama, I know what I would do if I was homeless! I would ask someone if I could mow their lawn for $5 or polish something for $5!"

One day Emma got her hair cut, later that day she took a shower. Nathan yells into the bathroom, "Emma, are you done already?"
Emma yells back, "Of course I am, I have less hair!"



quote of the day

Emma: "I would never want to be a shrinkie dink. I would get too hot and burn up."


Emma:" Mama, you know how Daddy goes to work to all those different places with different times, how does he know all those times? I would be like, what time is it?"

quiet time

Last week the girls were in camp all morning, all week, because of that Avery and I had some time to ourselves. One of the great things about Avery is she can play in her own world usually including her baby, her mom and herself. Sometimes those playtimes are loud and rambunctious, sometimes they include laughing, and sometimes all she needs is to sit with her thumb and rock in the rocker. The rocker her great-great grandmother rocked in.

garden food :: tomatoes

August is with us as well as tomatoes, and lots of them. The freezer is filling up with sauces of two varieties, both from Deborah Madison's, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  I have made her roasted tomato sauce a regular here at our house during this time of the year. Our farm food boxes begin to be full of tomatoes around August and them seem to last in large quantities for a month or two. This year, in addition to the farm boxes, I planted three tomato plants in our community plot.  They thrived and have made tomatoes by the pound for the last three weeks or so. (We had a least four tomatoes weighing in over one pound each, which is surprising since the variety planted was not a large size.) First to come in was  Sweet Olive, an heirloom grape tomato. The second teasingly showed its

making up summer :: face paint

This week the craft table has been full of puddles and smears of paint; discussion of design and color have ended in smiles and tears.  But face paint has been, if nothing else, a bit of summer around here.

a week with a cousin

We don't get to see enough of our Colorado family, but they make an effort to see the girls every birthday and in the summer for the past couple years we have been able to have the cousins visit for a day or two in time for Sadie's birthday. This year we were lucky enough to have Nate here for a whole week.  The kids had so much fun, it just may have to happen again next year if he and his parents are willing to lend him out for another week or two. 
We made our way to the beach three days, played with friends around home, went to the Space Center and lived our days with an extra smile around the table.

campfire night with roasted marshmallows

 Balboa park (they had to bend down to fit in the camera, I guess)

 unprompted holding of hands

 wind chamber 

 Nate building stairs

Sadie starting her tower

collaboration on previous tower ; maximum height was in reach

After lunch in Old Town

 churros all around

wise guys

sugar in action

painful decisions=how to spend your $2 at the ca…