a week with a cousin

We don't get to see enough of our Colorado family, but they make an effort to see the girls every birthday and in the summer for the past couple years we have been able to have the cousins visit for a day or two in time for Sadie's birthday. This year we were lucky enough to have Nate here for a whole week.  The kids had so much fun, it just may have to happen again next year if he and his parents are willing to lend him out for another week or two. 

We made our way to the beach three days, played with friends around home, went to the Space Center and lived our days with an extra smile around the table.

campfire night with roasted marshmallows

 Balboa park (they had to bend down to fit in the camera, I guess)

 unprompted holding of hands

 wind chamber 

 Nate building stairs

Sadie starting her tower

collaboration on previous tower ; maximum height was in reach

After lunch in Old Town

 churros all around

wise guys

sugar in action

painful decisions=how to spend your $2 at the candy store


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