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August is with us as well as tomatoes, and lots of them. The freezer is filling up with sauces of two varieties, both from Deborah Madison's, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  I have made her roasted tomato sauce a regular here at our house during this time of the year. Our farm food boxes begin to be full of tomatoes around August and them seem to last in large quantities for a month or two. This year, in addition to the farm boxes, I planted three tomato plants in our community plot.  They thrived and have made tomatoes by the pound for the last three weeks or so. (We had a least four tomatoes weighing in over one pound each, which is surprising since the variety planted was not a large size.) First to come in was  Sweet Olive, an heirloom grape tomato. The second teasingly showed its


Papa said…
We're enjoying them, too. Hope our joint grow pumpkins turn out as good.

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