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welcome to 5th grade science

Sadie reads from Rules for Basic Laboratory Safety," Rule #11: Always use a fume hood when working with toxic substances. Never inhale fumes directly." That freaks me out."

She also informed me that the class was given examples of what not to do starring Spongebob, Patrick and Gary.



first day for Avery

Avery finally got her first day of school, her first back pack of her own and to use them together on the same day! Yes, it was exciting.  I got my first day of three dropoffs, all with a nine o'clock start time. Luckily the schools are all in a nice linear order so all worked out well.

And this is what I found when it was time for pick up. A very tired, uncooperative girl who did not want to leave. If was frustrating and the screaming lasted quite a while after we left the classroom. Why I was unprepared for this, I really do not know. Every one of our girls have been this way, very rarely having a day when  they did not want to go. And I was reminded of when Sadie was in preschool and I used the threat of not going to school as a way to get her to listen and cooperate with what needed to happen at the moment.

So when Avery's second day of school came around, we had a plan, she and I. We would say goodbye and she would go to class. Then when pick up time came  around, she wo…

ten year words=cynic in training

Sadie was frustrated the way the electric pencil sharpener was sharpening her pencils. Then she figured out that if she rotated the pencil in the opposite direction the sharpener was going that the point came out more to her liking.

Sadie:" Only thing is it hurts your hands."

Me:" You know what they say: no pain, no gain."

Sadie:" Who cares what they say."

a leisurely morning tea

We have reached that point, the one where there will be mornings when all three girls are in school. And so, fewer late morning breakfasts with Avery. Her routine last year was breakfast with the big girls, then breakfast with me after drop off. This beginning of the year has been a bit of the same, if she was not still sleeping while the girls were getting dressed and fed.  Tomorrow is the big day. One she has been wishing for since she first heard she could go to school as well. One that has been asked about every morning since Sadie and Emma started last week. Tantrums have ensued following my refusal to take her to school just yet. But tomorrow is the big day. And like the teacher says, "The first day is not a problem, it is the second." Yes, I am expecting this, but hopeful she will love her new place for those couple hours a week. A place just her own.