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jog-a-thon :: Sadie

36 laps got Sadie top 5th grade girl. Thank you to her sponsors!

:: in the ground ::

Today I planted celery, cilantro and shelling peas.  We loaded compost into the wheelbarrow and spread it through our newest garden plot. We found grubs the size of my thumb to bring into class on Tues to share with the other three year olds. We found a fuzzy black caterpillar munching on the leaves of the yellow squash as a replacement for the ones we gave to the school garden.  I dismantled the bamboo tomato cage I built and reconfigured it to hold up our soon to be planted snow peas.  Our garden is growing and it is wonderful to watch.

lavender hill farm pumpkins

One of the best things about family, is the traditions. Sometimes you wonder how they ever came to be a special part of marking a season, event or holiday, sometimes you can't imagine being without them. Sometimes you choose to go out of your way to create and sustain a tradition and sometimes they fall in your lap, snuggle up close and just never go away.  So far in our short family life, this sweet little spot of pumpkin patch has become something we do. No rides, save the tree swing; no sweet treat except whatever you packed in the car, mostly it is just dirt, some dried up vines, bugs, a whole load of every pumpkin imaginable, and a smiling face to greet you when you arrive.  Lavender Hill Farms has just made it on our traditions list (at least in my book) and I hope we enjoy this little bit of patch for many autumn to come. 


saturdays are for soccer


saturday at the zoo

It was all Avery's idea, she needed to see the monkeys. We missed them last time. So off we went at the end of the afternoon, to see the monkeys; to say hi and see what they were up  to these days. We saw the orange monkeys, the black monkeys, monkeys with tails and monkeys without. There were worms, lizards, alligators, snakes, and some birds.  We had ice cream. Lastly, we rode the high sky.  Thanks Avery for the lovely afternoon.




"Mama, what if your homework was giving a monkey a shower?"

everyone loves a piano


the ways of september

This September has been a full one. Full of new activities, school work, new lessons, heat, and minutes here and there at the piano.  Sadie has begun her violin lessons at the university. Since that class is large and they are all beginners, she has been bored by its slow pace. So much so that she has taken it upon herself to learn all the songs in Emma's piano book. No, your right, she has no lessons in piano but that is nothing to stop her. Together we have sort of figured out how to read the music, at least in lesson 1 and 2. After that she has just been trying things until it seems to sound like a song. Hopefully this next week will bring something more than just holding the bow, some actual sound making, some holding the instrument, some thing a bit more than listening and holding a pencil.

We have had the first outdoor soccer games to attend, as Emma improves with every practice and game. And although she has to run and run, she still seems to love it just as much as it is a…